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Latin Grammy Awards 2014 winner. (Best short music video)

As a young boy I often found drawing to be a much more natural way for me to express myself than writing and, even at times, talking. Back then I had no notion that it was what some grown-ups call "a skill"... I just figured everybody drew in order to express themselves properly. Nothing really special, you know?

Somehow, now fully aware of the whole "skill" deal, I find myself sitting pretty much in the same place as then.

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"The illustration is gorgeous! Thank you for your excellent service! Helena "
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"Very artistic and professional-looking."
Profielfotochandra.writer meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Amazing job - really had a great vision and delivered it very well"
Anonieme opdrachtgever meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Excellent artist who I would highly recommend."
Anonieme opdrachtgever meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Produced an incredible design and was very responsive to small change requests! Pleasure to work with :)"
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