Logo for online ecommerce store, Zaghou.
Logo and brand guidelines for GatHer
Romero Dental
Brand Identity and Guidelines for Swag Style
House Android
Brand Guidelines for aero
Empowering Peace: A Comprehensive Branding for the Corioli Foundation
Logo and brand guidelines for Quinteo
Medrina Brand Harmony: Patterns and Consistency in Application
Salt light dental tooth crystal
MeeraAI Brand Guidelines: Crafting Conversational Experiences


"Amazing work on our brand guide, one of the best designers on the platform!"
Anonieme opdrachtgever ongeveer een maand geleden beoordeeld
"everything was perfect "
Anonieme opdrachtgever ongeveer een maand geleden beoordeeld
"Thank you. Let's keep the momentum going and create more magic together. :)"
ProfielfotoHugo Maja heeft ongeveer een maand geleden gereageerd
"Hugo was very responsive and his designs were innovative and inspiring!"
ProfielfotochristeIr 4 maanden geleden beoordeeld
"Thank you! I'm eager to collaborate on future endeavors. CU."
ProfielfotoHugo Maja heeft 4 maanden geleden gereageerd
"Exactly what i wanted. Very responsive. Thank you."
Anonieme opdrachtgever 5 maanden geleden beoordeeld
"You're welcome. I also appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Looking forward to more successful collaborations."
ProfielfotoHugo Maja heeft 5 maanden geleden gereageerd
"Great and efficient work. Loves paying attention to detail and is responsive to additional requests."
Profielfotoj.roderw 8 maanden geleden beoordeeld
"I am thrilled to be part of developing and strengthening your brand. Thank you for taking trust in me."
ProfielfotoHugo Maja heeft 8 maanden geleden gereageerd